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    cute lil things around my house


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    I fear my latest series of snapchats may be lost on a few of my friends.


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my aunt and her friends are NAUGHTY


    my aunt and her friends are NAUGHTY

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    this is the real weedwench


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Face the Whole, by Daehyun Kim


    Face the Whole, by Daehyun Kim

  11. Blink 182,?

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    Got rowdy at the beach

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    That doesn’t make sense I’m just crying and want to sleep and miss the person right next to me

  15. Being so sad is the most draining thing. Everything is fine. Seems fine. I just want to keep getting drunk, and then I am, and I hate it, then hate myself more. I went swimming yesterday with my boo for the first time. I just can’t stop crying in the middle of the night, first thing when I wake up, and a few times during the day. When there’s a back to me I feel like everything’s going to fall. I’m not good enough for myself, to myself. I’ve just been the saddest and trying to figure things out but end up feeling needy-worthless. It’s 2:30 am I’m on vacation in a hotel room and all I’d like is the shards of glass from a bottle of merlot.